Understanding The Body’s Great Lymphatic System

“What is true in your home is also true in your body”

The natural world is simply one of patterns. The entirety of the observable universe such as tables, chairs and stars are simply a patterning of energy in space in much the same way that a whirlpool is a patterning of energy within water. We have been not been taught to understand this patterning nature of the universe but we have told rather that space is nothingness and is meaningless. We have also been told that what we observe is not the patterning of a space-canvas, but rather tables, chairs and stars are really made up of hard stuff called matter. However the word matter actually derives from the Sanskrit word maya which means illusion and what this means is that nothing we experience is concrete but rather an ever-fluid energizing and patterning of space. The reason we mention this now is that part of this patterning nature of the universe is that nature reflects itself throughout all levels of creation such that what is true in the microcosm is also true in the macrocosm. Those of us fascinated with the geometry of the natural world note with great interest that the same patterns keep appearing whether at the galactic level or the sub-atomic level. Similarly, we see these repeating patterns in the mundane world also in that what is true in your home is also true in your body and in the case of the elimination of wastes, the sewage system of your body is exactly the same as the sewage system in your house.


When You Eat, You Must Also Shit

When you eat, you without fail also go to the bathroom to eliminate your wastes and the same is true of your cells. When you flush the toilet, your wastes are taken down the drainpipes just as in a perfectly functioning lymphatic system your cellular wastes are taken from the cell, via the lymphatic fluid, down the lymph vessels. Lymph vessels are essentially the veins of the lymphatic system and they take those 3pH wastes from the cell all the way to one of the hundreds of lymph nodes throughout the body. These lymph nodes are small oval glands and they function in the same way as a septic tank.

When the wastes form your toilet leaves your house, their next destination is the septic tank, whether you have one in your backyard, or you use the large central city septic tanks. Septic tanks and lymph nodes are similar in that they are both heavily populated with bacteria, eager to get their teeth into your waste. Now bacteria get a very bad rap from the medical industry due to the outdated ‘germ theory’ of disease, but the truth is that these little beings are of enormous value to us. Bacteria live in your body, they live in your house, they live in your dog, on your food, and in your office – in fact, bacteria live and proliferate pretty much everywhere because they play a very important role in nature in that it is their job to break down waste and recycle those molecules to be use elsewhere. When a dog leaves a filthy present on the footpath it is bacteria that clean it up, and when you and me finally leave this place it will be bacteria that clean up after us too. They are the ones that make sure that nothing is wasted and everything is recycled. In this way, bacteria are our best friends because our waste is their treasure and without them we would be up to our necks in all kinds of nasty filth.

The Body As A Septic Tank

These are the bacteria that populate the septic tank that your house sewage drains to and they also populate the lymph nodes that your cellular wastes drain to. In both septic tanks and lymph nodes the bacteria are there for two reasons. Firstly, because you cannot keep bacteria out of a dirty situation and secondly because they break down those wastes into manageable chemistry. Acid wastes of 3pH are far too acidic to be sent further down your body’s sewage system and so those friendly little bacteria do us another huge favour by breaking down our cellular wastes to around 5pH. This might not sound like much but remember that the pH scale is logarithmic – this means that after those bacteria have finished their job those cellular wastes are 100 times less acidic and are ready to move on.

There are two important points to be made here.

Farmers know a lot more about waste management than your average city-dweller because without an urban sewage treatment facility, farmers actually have to live with the waste they produce. Now if you ask a farmer, or someone who works with septic tanks, ‘what would you never put in your septic tank?’ – what do you think their answer would be? Antibiotics. At no point would anyone who owns a septic tank want to kill the bacteria in their tanks, precisely because the actions of those bacteria breaking down the waste is the only thing that is keeping those tanks from overflowing. However, as anyone who has had swollen lymph nodes will tell you, the first and unquestioned course of action in modern medical practice when confronted with swollen lymph nodes in to prescribe a course of antibiotics. Now there is no doubt that antibiotics do their job, whether it is swollen lymph nodes or a runny nose. However, they by no means remedy the causative factors of why the lymph nodes a full and not draining, they simply act as cement for the lymphatic system. We will see as we go on how this further congestion of the lymphatic system simply pushes our health problems deeper and deeper inside.

If It’s Full, Chop It Out

The second problematic approach of modern medicine to the lymph nodes is that imagine your lymph nodes are very swollen again. This is the equivalent of your septic tank being full and on the verge of overflowing – simple too much waste has been flowing in without be filtered out. The common sense approach to take would be to ring up your local septic tank man as ask him what should be done about it. Now, imagine if you have the septic tank-man on the other end of the line and he replies to your question; ‘That’s no problem at all, we’ll just come and take it away.’ This the second approach of the medical industry – they simply cut the full lymph node out. Immediately you can see the issue here in that you still need to go to the bathroom, except suddenly your sewage has no place to go. Of course you cannot just hold on indefinitely and pretty soon your sewage starts backing up inside your house, you are up to your knees in your own wastes and you get run out your house. The very same situation applies to your cells. When you have a lymph node removed say from the breast, you still have billions of cells, who were all relying on that lymph node, eating and eliminating wastes. This of course is a big problem – and so as we will discuss more as we go on, the sensible response to a full septic tank is not to take it out, but clean it out – and the same goes for you lymph nodes.

For your home sewage system, the next stop for your wastes is that they are taken from the septic tanks and sent to the filtration factory before being pumped far out to sea. However this is the point where the medical industry takes a major detour from common sense and severely limits their ability to take people from sickness into health.


Always Keep Your Sewage In Your Fridge

Modern medical theory says that instead of your wastes going from the septic tank to the filtration factory and then far out to sea, that those wastes get dumped straight back into your kitchen at home. Now if you stop and think about this for any length of time you will realize the problematic consequences this would have for you living in your house. In fact, at no point in nature do we see wastes being pumped straight back into the food supply without a nasty outcome. We certainly do not see it in the human being or in our homes, neither do we see it in sensible car design. It is a well-known fact that your blood cannot be acidic. It naturally sits on the slightly alkaline side of life at 7.4pH – again reflecting the feminine/alkaline majority in the natural world. If your blood becomes acidic you have around 4 minutes to live before passing on and so your body goes to extreme lengths to keep the alkaline balance in the blood. However, the medical industry continues to claim that our cellular acids, fresh from the lymph node/septic tanks, get dumped straight back into our hearts – the hub of our body’s food supply. So, rather than your cellular wastes going straight back into the food supply, the truth is that your lymphatic system takes those acids down the exact same path as you home sewage – out of the body in the form of urine, via the filtration factories.

Your body’s filtration factories are in the form of your three kidneys – that’s right, three kidneys. Now most of you are already familiar with the two right and left kidneys inside your lower back, but your body has another kidney that performs a huge amount of the filtration work and that is called the skin. It is these kidneys that are at the heart of your body’s sewage system and their health is critical to the body’s ability to eliminate waste. Because the truth is that if the sewage gets backed up in the kidneys, it will get backed up all the way back to the cell, and this is the state of human health today.

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3 thoughts on “Understanding The Body’s Great Lymphatic System

  1. Buzz says:

    I have stage 4 melanoma which the VA is treating with ImmunoTherapy and I am treating with diet and lifestyle change. I also have Lymphoma (NH) and have a groin lymph node the size of a sweet potato that I would like to see start draining and shrinking in size. My question: what is the best way to get my Lymph system draining/working properly?
    I am 73 and extremely healthy, even with the two cancers which I expect to be gone in a year or less.
    Thank you,

    • Rohan Callander says:


      Wonderful to hear from you 🙂

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