The Best Way To Make Dr Robert Morse’s Heal All Tea

Tips For Making Dr Robert Morse’s Heal All Tea

Dr Robert Morse’s Heal All Tea is certainly our most loved Herbal Formula here at Our Botanicals. Our customers love it and swear by it in their journey of health and healing, while in the office we drink it by the gallon every day. Over the years we have discovered a few tricks to making Heal All Tea so that is is really strong, lasts a long time, and is super simple to prepare.



We like to make our tea as strong as possible, but we also want our package to last as long as possible – so how do we fulfill both of these wishes? We blend it first.

When we first open our package of Heal All Tea we pour the whole lot into our Vitamix Blender and blend it into a powder. This dramatically increases the surface area of the tea so that absorbency is maximized and we can get a really strong cup of tea out of just a small amount of herbal powder. Make sure that your blender is bone dry before you begin, and also make sure you keep the lid on unless you want the room under a herbal haze. This tip makes Heal All Tea really affordable and gives you the maximum benefit from your purchase.



We drink a lot of Heal All Tea. It is in fact our go-to drink during the day and that is exactly how Dr Morse designed it. Tea is such an easy way to bring the healing power of herbs into our bodies throughout the day and you will really notice a big difference in your body after a day sipping on Heal All Tea.

The way we do this is simply by cooking up a big pot-full of a few litres on the stove and letting it sit for a while, sometimes over night. After putting it through a sieve to make sure no little bits get through, we use it as a base for our morning smoothies. This is such a great way to use Heal All Tea and it makes sure that your smoothies are packed with Herbal goodness right form the beginning.

We take it to work cold in our drink bottles as well as having it hot for breakfast. Simply put, whenever you need to drink something, drink Heal All Tea – it will do you wonders!



We get lots of questions about the easiest way to make Heal All Tea since it does not come in those handy little tea-bags we are all accustomed too. Well over time we have developed the simplest solution – just pretend that it is coffee.

When we don’t need to make a giant batch of tea for the whole family or office, we use a French Coffee Press to make our tea in. It is so easy! All you need to do is put a spoon of Heal All Tea in the bottom of the press as you would with coffee, then add hot water straight from the kettle and let it steep for 10 minutes. When it is done, you can simply press down to filter out all the herbal bits and peices and pour yourself a lovely cup of healing magic.

So go make yourself a tea, or better yet go make you whole family a tea. If you are only looking to invite one herbal formula into your life to make a big difference in your health then just follow these tips. Thanks for reading!

37 thoughts on “The Best Way To Make Dr Robert Morse’s Heal All Tea

  1. Jackie says:

    I love the heal all tea ideas.. when you blend in a vitamix.. do you boil it at that point.. and then drain off the excess or how do you do that part. In the powdered form can you add to a smoothie? and how much do I use in the powdered form?

  2. Lisa says:

    How long is the tea good for after it’s made? I often make a batch on Monday and am still drinking it on Friday. It still tastes good, but wondering if it’s gone bad?
    Thank you!

    • Hannah Lobb says:

      Hi Esther!

      Thanks for your questions. Both are good for detoxing and yes, it is the boiling which brings out the medicinal qualities of the herbs so we can ingest them 🙂

  3. Alexandra says:

    OK, so I have a question the heal all tea is in a powder or herb form , Or do I have to blend it to a powder? And it said to drink it cold, so I’m confused why brew it then in hot water?

    • Hannah Lobb says:

      Hello Alexandra! The tea comes in the herb form, but you can grind it into a powder if you want too. We recommend brewing it in hot water so all the herbs can diffuse into the water 🙂

  4. Clifton Williams says:

    Three weeks now on the tea and I actually feel better my wife also is drinking this tea and loves the way she’s feeling she was having an allergic reaction to eating eggs and that has disappeared she physically feels much better thanks aloha
    Ps tbd staying with it every day will report back a little later

  5. Joyce says:

    I find the tea very bitter and it takes like turpentine, is this normal. I used 2 teaspoons of the tea right out of the bag and boiled it for 7 minutes as directed on the bag in 4 cups of water. I had it hot and also more after it had cooled- tastes so bitter! If I powder it do you add the powder directly to a smoothie or brew tea from the powder and use the tea in a smoothie. Very confusing. Is it supposed to be so bitter? I had to dilute it to drink it. Thanks

    • Tonya says:

      Many things we get addicted to taste awful at first like do you remember the first time you had black coffee or alcohol or veggies as a kid? The tea seems impossible to drink at first but I find myself craving it and I add a bunch of other herbs like ashwaganda, chaga, he shou wu, etc and to tolerate the taste I also add raw cocoa, a dollup of canned Thai organic coconut milk (half the can is firm and a perfect creamer) and monk fruit (100% pure no fillers!!) sweetener which is healthy and like 300 times sweeter than sugar. I actually love my daily tea mix I sip all day. I used to drink a whole pot of gross acidic coffee but now my tart with a hint of sweet has replaced it and it does not taste rancid after a few hours like coffee does and is good hot or cooled down from sitting on my desk all day. Our taste buds get used to new flavors so anyone trying this amazing tea, stick with it.

  6. Leslie Marlowe says:

    If I grind the tea leaves into a powder, do I still need to boil the tea for 7 minutes or just steep it in hot water for that period of time. Also–if it’s in powder form would I reduce the portion to less than a tsp. per 2 cups or keep the same proportions?

  7. SHARON TAFARO says:

    Just wondering if drinking too much of this tea can give you flatulence and diarrhea? I’ve had these symptoms twice in the past month I have been drinking it-and it was both times after drinking about 4 cups throughout the day.

      • Tonya says:

        This is a bit confusing because above it says add the powder to smoothies after grinding. Maybe that person meant use the cooled down boiled tea in smoothies? I’ve read that roots need to be boiled, so I would think even in powder form should be boiled then drink the water never eat the actual root/herbs like we do others, but I wish I knew for sure.

  8. Tonya says:

    After reading the comments I have these questions. After grinding the bits of roots/herbs from the bag into powder form then does it still need to be boiled if so how long and how high of a boil, or just steeped and if so does that mean on a low temp but not boiling or just put the powder into hot water and how long to steep – 10 min?


    Can the ground powder be put into a smoothie or stirred into water with other herb mixtures (like ashwaganda, he shou wu, nettle, chaga, milk thriste, etc) or do you mean boil or steep the tea and put the cooled down tea in smoothies in place of water juice? So asking if the powder form can be consumed or should it always be filtered after brewing, boiling or steeping?

    What brings out the most powerful value of ground/powdered heal all tea…boiling (how long and how high of a boil), steeping, brewing for hours?

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