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  • Do you like to forage for fruit? We're inspired by this "Wild smoothie" from @thesacredmonkey  which was made from foraged lingonberries, aronia berries, mountain blueberries, blackberries, Saskatoon berries and blended with banana amp fresh concord grape juice
  • As @shantimaytherapy says "Cellular regeneration and detoxification is my passion  a journey in selfdiscovery and selfhealing" Comment with a if you agree!
  • We are so inspired by this post from @fruitflyshi Where are you on your healing journey? Let us know in the comments  "Starting a new protocol today geared at my female reproductive area thanks to my herbs from @ourbotanicals  I suffered with stage IV for over 20 years along with , resulting in surgeries averaging every 24 years for the past 20 years 25 years ago my laparoscopy showed I was healed of but I did have an about the size of my uterus  Last week my doctor found a small cyst in my uterus, but not dreaded endometrioma It is discouraging, but after years of the SAD diet, pharmaceutical medications and surgeries, my body is still fighting its way to wellville!  May the Blessings Be!!
  • Look at this gorgeous, vibrant raw vegan cake from @rawsweet!
  • We love this answer from Dan on being called extreme!