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  • Since we're all about grapes today, check out this delicious grape juice from @luciefruits
  • Have you read The Grape Cure", by Johanna Brandt? @fruityandfabulous has, and here's what she has to say about it!  "In the early 1900s, she not only cured herself, but thousands of others on Grapes Yep, just grapes Soon after reading it, I dove into my first grape juice fast which lasted 22 days It was then and only then that I was able to experience what I had only read about: full body detoxification and regeneration Grapes are and will remain my favorite food and the predominant part of my every day diet"
  • Have you ever wondered about the GI Broom?  You can learn all about it in our blog post 'Is it time to detox your GI Tract?' (just click the link in our bio) Here's how @rawfoodsolution used it: "During my 30day juice feast I had  the GI broom every morning and it was hugely beneficial I had a few colonics during my fast but with the GI broom I could have got away without them It not only keeps things moving along nicely but also starts the healing process by enhancing lymphatic function in the gut as well as healing the intestinal lining" 30dayjuicefast
  • Where your focus goes, energy flows  What have you been focusing on recently? Is your focus where you want it to be?
  • @misskellyvincent is on a lymphatic healing mission Who's with her?