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  • Thanks @thenaturalwayofhealing!  "This is an amazing tea consisting of wildcrafted herbs that help move the lymphatic system and strengthen the endocrine gland system! BLESS UP!"
  • "Regeneration means removing that which is degenerating you"  Do you agree?
  • Have you ever needed to take a breather from your detox journey? You're not alone  Here's a portion of what @fruitflyshi experienced: "Adding a few more herbs into my daily protocol thanks to @ourbotanicals I had to take a break from taking so many at once, because of the deep healing crisis I was experiencing  Finding a healthy balance can been challenging  For those of us that have lived with chronic "illness" most of our lives, the detox can be extremely painful although necessary"
  • Watermelon is life! We love this mouth watering  pic from @rawgrandma!
  • What does taking care of yourself mean to you? Let us know your favourite ways to practice self care in the comments! We'd love to learn from you