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  • Gorgeous capture of Our Healing Tea, Muscles by Nature and the Superfood Blend II by @regenerateonrawWhat herbs are you enjoying at the moment?
  • Great easy salad recipe tips from our practitioner Dan @theliferegenerator!  We've loved recreating his salad base of tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and then adding in pumpkin seeds, rocket, sauerkraut and topping it with some balsamic vinegar What salad combo is your go to?
  • "Wake up and take care of yourself" Great mantra and capture courtesy of @berlin2america
  • Empowerment is the answer!PS We are SO excited to be almost at 5k of us! Tag your friends in this post to spread the word and help us reach our goal
  • "I totally believe that what we take in has so much impact on our skin Nature has blessed us with some great powerful nutrient packed fruits, like blueberries, that can help our skin glow, strengthen our hair and help us look younger" Love this post by @venusbeautiesblog  Have you had your berries today? planet