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  • Dr Morse's Stomach and Bowel Formulas are big favourites of ours, and they are especially important. The root of much dis-ease begins in the gut. So take care of your digestive system and you will be taking care of your whole self ♥️
  • Everybody knows greens do a body good, but do you know just how good? 🌱💚 Adding spinach to your meals helps to:⠀
🌿 Remove Toxins⠀
🌿 Strengthen Blood Vessels⠀
🌿 Improve Metabolism⠀
🌿 Prevents Cellulite⠀
How do you eat your spinach? Smoothie? Salad? Steamed?
  • This is the healthiest coca cola you'll ever find! 😃🍹(it's just water & herbal tonic 😉)
  • Wise words from Hippocrates 🙌🏼 ⠀