Detoxification: The Golden Key To Health

Over the years I have read many articles written by both proponents, and skeptics of the term ‘detoxification’. Sadly however, invariably all of these papers lack a basic understanding of simple physiology and chemistry. Let me briefly lay down a little truth about the matter. At the physical level, our bodies are simply made up […]


Every single part of your body is made up of cells. Around 100 trillion cells make up the skin, heart, kidneys, bones, muscle, nerves, glands, liver, hair, nails etc ~ the whole lot. But these cells all take their orders from the authorities within the body, and these governing authorities are called the Endocrine Glands. […]

Can I Detox My Dog? A Testimonial

DOGGY TESTIMONIAL: AGGRESSIVE MAST CELL TUMOUR REVERSED: Dog given two months to live is now happy and healthy on Fruits, Herbs & Love. “Harley was diagnosed with a high-grade and extremely aggressive ‘Mast Cell Tumour’ in her right Anal Gland in December 2013. The Anal Gland was removed by a veterinarian at SASH (Small Animal Specialist […]