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Thyroid & Thymus Glands Glycerin Tincture


An Herbal Formula of:

* Kelp Frond Powder
* Bee Propolis Powder
* Ho Shou Wu Root
* Saw Palmetto Berry
* Schizandra Berry
* Butcher’s Broom Root
* Eleuthero Root
* Chaste Tree Berry
* Bayberry Root
* Prickly Ash Bark

This powerful formula was designed to regenerate and strengthen the Thyroid & Thymus Glands.

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Dr Robert Morse’s Thyroid & Thymus Support Glycerin Herbal Formula

TRADITIONAL USES: Hypothyroidism, fatigue, chronic fatigue (not from Eqstein-Barr), heart arrhythmias, osterporosis or scoliosis, cramps, ridged or brittle fingernails, cold hands & feet, hair loss, menstrual disorders, arthritis, bursitis, headaches, migraines, obesity, varicose or spider veins, low bone density scores, low energy levels, symptoms of depression, spine deterioration or herniated disks, prolapsed organs, aneurysms, petechiae (bruising), slow digestion, dry skin, low sweating ability, etc.



Weight120 g


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