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Stomach Tea


An Herbal Formula of:

* Marshmallow Root
* Slippery Elm Bark
* Aloe Vera Leaf Powder
* Mullein Leaf
* Wild Yam Root
* Goldenseal Root
* Burdock Root
* Comfrey Leaf
* White Oak Bark
* Chamomile Flower
* Gentian Root
* Ginger Root
* Cinnamon

This herbal tea was created for those who have chronic inflammation of the stomach, high acidosis, paralysis of the stomach, swelling of the esophagus, inflammation, ulceration and deterioration of the gastrointestinal tract. It helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the stomach and intestines. Can be used in all acid conditions of the body. This formula was designed for all ages and all walks of life. As this formula is mega-nutritional, it fits in all situations, especially highly depleted individuals. Even animals can benefit tremendously with this formula.

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