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Botana Terpene Rich Hemp Capsules


Our capsules are made from 100% small batch industrial hemp, which is grown with sustainable organic methods utilzing biodynamic, Korean Natural Farming, and Dr Elaine Ingham’s techniques, here in Colorado. Whole plant industrial hemp capsules have been verified by a third party lab to contain approximately 12 mg of cannabidiol per capsule, 30 capsules total, spagyrically processed, which sets us apart from other companies.

Source of Essential Fatty Acids
Promotes Healthy Inflammation Response
Promotes Digestive Health
Promotes Respiratory Health
Helps Support The Immune System


Hemp seed oil, black seed oil, spagyric hemp oil and oregano oil.

Recommended before bed, or before a meal. Can also be chewed in your mouth.

Botana Terpene Rich Hemp Capsules
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