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Botana CBD Spagyric Tincture


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Our tinctures are formulated by The Spagryic Apothecary in Colorado.

Spagyric preparation of a plant is the only method that makes use of both the purified minerals and the organic acids that are so effective for wellness. Spagyric tinctures contain only the naturally occurring chemicals in plants.

From an energetic/chemical perspective, CBD is just one part of the whole cannabinoid spectrum. This spectrum is where the plant holds its synergy with the endocannabinoid system within the body. More and more research is supporting this and will continue to support this (Also known as the entourage effect). Any modifications to the natural spectrum of cannabinoids will degrade the synergy that nature intended the plant to have.

When a high-CBD hemp plant is extracted via CO2, a small part of the plants oil soluble elements are extracted and leaves behind all the terpenes. This makes for a more ‘pure’ extract, but lacks the full synergy the plant originated with. Both propane and butane extractions are also completely unnatural and can leave behind various chemical residues. Most importantly, no other solvent but alcohol can be organically sourced.

– Organic
– Spagyrically Processed
– 100% Organic Grape Alcohol Extraction
– 1 oz bottle

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How Is Our CBD Hemp Grown?

The hemp grown to create our CBD Tincture is of the highest quality. The area where the farm is located boasts more organic farms per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. They have clean water, fresh air and rich soil. It is grown in biodiverse, multi species plant communities. In this style of farming the plants work together and some of them attract beneficial insects, or good bugs, and the good bugs eat the bad bugs. This is how they do their pest control, with no need for toxic pesticides.


Botana believes a superior product comes with meticulous care. All our specialized industrial hemp cultivars are grown organically in the high desert fruit belt of Paonia, Colorado, with a hands-on approach. We utilize both biodynamic and permaculture techniques to assure a superior quality product when working with nature. Organic means no pesticides or chemicals which we take very seriously. We not only test our soil but test our hemp at several independent labs to maintain a high level of quality control.


We only use organic industrial hemp that contains less than the required .3% THC limited according to law. 

Weight 100 g
CBD Concerntration

250mg CBD (1oz), 500mg CBD (1oz), 2000mg CBD (2oz)

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Very excited to have these Botana CBD formulas! And did you know that the Hemp used is grown by a student of Dr Morse… Awesome.

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