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Spotlight on Black Walnut

Prized for both it’s beautiful wood and its medicinal properties, the black walnut tree grows extensively across the Eastern and Southern U.S. and parts of Europe. The nuts have a rich flavor too, and are great for baking. And while you can craft a gorgeous table out of black walnut, if you’re interested in healing… READ MORE

The Super Seaweed: 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Kelp

For many people, the thought of eating seaweed is less than appealing. Sometimes it’s salty or bitter, or hard to chew, and it sometimes lends an overpowering flavor to dishes. Unless you grew up in a culture or a family where sea vegetables were a regular occurrence, it can take some getting used to. The… READ MORE

6 Medicinal Mushrooms You Should Know + 3 Awesome Recipes

It seems like everyone these days is on ‘shrooms, but not like they were in the 70’s! Medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga have made a resurgence in the last decade or so, and more and more people are discovering the benefits of using mushrooms on a daily basis. With wide-reaching effects on immunity, digestion,… READ MORE

Why Probiotics Are Important + 3 Probiotic Recipes

Even if you’re eating a clean, plant-based diet, you can still reap health benefits from taking a probiotic. There are hundreds of probiotic supplements out there today, but many are not effective- either because the CFU (colony-forming units) count is too low, or they’re not encapsulated properly in order to survive the acidic stomach environment…. READ MORE

5 Benefits of Turmeric + 3 Awesome Turmeric Recipes

Its bright golden hue makes it stand out on any spice rack, giving color to traditional dishes like curries and dal. But turmeric is far more than just a culinary powerhouse from the East. This spice has gained serious traction over the last decade as a health supplement and beauty secret. You’ve probably heard about… READ MORE

Your Holistic Skin Care Toolkit

It’s been estimated that the average woman uses over a dozen different beauty products each day, containing well over 100 different chemicals. And many men are catching up quickly! From facial scrubs to moisturizers, most conventional products are packed full of synthetic ingredients, and words we can’t pronounce. While the claims of today’s modern skincare… READ MORE

Spotlight On The Women’s Wellness Bundle

The modern woman has more on her plate than the generations before her. Balancing career, family, home life, social activities, and other responsibilities can take its toll. Particularly in a world that is laden with hazards. Staying healthy has become even harder. There is an abundance of toxins in our air, water, and food. We’re… READ MORE

The Healing Power of CBD

The world of plants provides tremendous healing potential, with thousands of different flowers, leaves, roots, and seeds that we humans have harvested and used throughout the centuries. Nearly every medicine on the planet today has been derived from a plant compound, but there’s nothing quite as powerful as using these compounds in their native forms…. READ MORE

Spotlight on Our Immunity Builder Bundle

Over the past several months, we’ve collectively witnessed the very urgent need for immune system support. More people than ever before are seeing the benefits of caring for our body’s defenses, particularly through holistic and natural means. Whether you are concerned about pandemic-level viruses, or the variety of microorganisms your body is bombarded with every… READ MORE

Spotlight on Our Men’s Wellness Bundle

For men looking to feel their best, it can be disheartening to see the lack of good information and health products out there. While holistic health has been marketed primarily to women for the last several decades, more men are waking up and taking charge of their well-being. The truth is, vibrant health is for… READ MORE