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Growing with Puradyme

Our Botanicals is Growing!

We are thrilled to announce our expansion as we introduce a new line of health products that will bring so much healing and transformation to our wonderful client’s lives. I was first introduced to Puradyme when my dear friend Lou Corona came to stay in my home with me and my former partner, Dan McDonald (some of you may know him as The Life Regenerator on Youtube). Dan and Lou had been friends for years before I met either of them, as they were both extremely inspired and passionate about the healing power of raw foods along with other holistic health principles.

Why I Love Lou Corona and Puradyme

If you are unfamiliar with Lou Corona’s story or teachings I highly recommend finding some videos of him on Youtube or going to see him teach live. He has a heart of gold and every time he came to visit me and Dan we would both have radical shifts of transformation in our health and personal lives. This man would stay up in to the wee hours of the night to teach us trigger point massage therapy or even do couples counseling with us- he never got tired and he was so dedicated to help us in every way he could. He took his time with us and gave unconditionally. If you are reading this Lou, Thank you!! You will always be one of my personal heroes!

This particular time that Lou came to stay with us he had some very exciting news. Lou had taught us continuously about the importance of Enzyme and Probiotic Therapy for healing chronic health issues. Fed up with the lack of quality enzymes and raw health supplements on the market- Lou had decided to start his own company with the goal to create the most powerful and effective enzymes and probiotics- with the lowest cost for the consumer. He named his company Puradyme. After that we had Puradyme products in our household everyday. We would eat cultured coconut-almond yogurt, mix in Liyfezyme (his powerful enzyme powder) with our juices, and enjoy delicious recipes like Gorilla-Mylk smoothies and the famous Lemon Ginger Blast. It was one of those times when I realized that raw foods alone never completely satiated me and it was not only because we weren’t consuming enough soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds but I wasn’t even digesting my raw foods completely and so consequently I was not getting all the nutrients I needed. This was an important lesson to learn on my health journey. Bringing in the enzyme and probiotic therapy really helped me to break down and absorb my food and always left me feeling nourished and energized after every meal.

The Four Principals

Learning Lou’s teachings of The Four Principals; Cellular Communication, Cellular Environment, Cellular Nutrition, and Cellular Exercise, helped me to simplify and focus my energy on my healing path. I realized that nutrition alone didn’t have the power to create the transformation in my life I was reaching for, although it is a very important spoke on the wheel. My thoughts and the words I spoke became a new tool to create positivity and healing. Different forms of exercise that got my lymphatic system pumping and encouraged detox were incorporated more into my daily routine. Drinking pure living spring water, getting out in the fresh air and sunshine also became a bigger priority.

I Stand Behind Puradyme, 100%

When you meet a powerful human being like Lou, you really begin to see the true potential of living a lifestyle aligned with nature. It’s not all about health, it’s also about love, it’s about being connected to a higher power and living intentionally. When someone serves you so graciously and gives all their life force energy to help others get their health back- you see an example of what humanity could look like, the peace we could create within ourselves and in our world. And my God, it is so beautiful! This is why I am proud to be supporting Lou’s company. And because I have such positive personal experiences with this line of products, including having wonderful success with putting my father on a high enzyme and probiotic protocol when some serious health issues came up,  I can fully get behind this company and how wonderful and high quality the products are. I hope you get a chance to learn more about what Puradyme and Lou Corona’s teachings can do to improve your life. Check out Puradyme in our shop today!


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  1. Medicine says:

    Dear Sophia , Hello I am on the insiders club but haven’t been in touch because I got sick. I still get pain after I eat heavy foods like Spaghetti and especially protein.I can’t eat night shade foods like green bell peppers, and onions. Organic Potatoes I can eat ! Fresh even organic garlic well maybe just a tad in my home made pasta sauces. I can take supplements though! Well it all began as I got older I stopped all juicing and and would eat only one meal daily by following weight watchers but I went to low on the chart and I didn’t realize that I lost lots of weight down to 120 size 10 my teenage weight ! So I didnt have very good nutrition and I got sick ! Well I am up to170 and I gained some wrinkles cellulite but my face doesn’t look fat under chin but yet I have a thyroid indication due to my home test on myself I did from Dr Eric Bergs analysis because mainly my eyebrows are thin on the outer edges with vertical ridges on my finger nails and loss of collagen and thinning hair! Oh and varicose veins on my thighs and legs here and there and something from dry scaly skin when I was young to red pimply skin known as kerotosis that cleared up since I use internally and topically. My muscles need to be toned yet my stomach isn’t huge in shape but there is more than what I want when you do a pinch test! I wear reading glasses that make seeing better not blurry.And I can also watch TV and read with them on 200 but I try to go down because I heard it will improved your vision !Have a slight stigmatism ! Anyway I get like trapped gas so I take gas X and enzyme by Rezvera from Amazon for digestion of fats, protein and carbs l I have been living on Organic popcorn.Trying to change my eating habits but for a long time I didn’t think I could chew green salads due to I had my teethe out however Lately I had new update thoughts because I am now changing slowly eating organic spinach salad with organic dressing! And I love it buy when I tried to add a heaping ful of hemp and China seeds for protein in which I need for my whole body , muscles and for my hair ! I saw Dan’s you tube videos and one on digestion really inspired me !I understand why my body needs orgfanic celery just that I used to be concern about the sodium raising blood pressure because I had to go on bp of 20 mgs of meditation in which I needed or they wouldn’t put me out with Anesthesia .Well I got myself off it because I do not want to be under any medical society’s uncare with poisonous practitioners ! I mean come on ,with all the worlds problems of pollution by the way love the chemtrail info and all the wonderful information you have out there ! I just want to be free like you and healthy .Got a Veggi spiralizer machine and getting a veggi pasta sheet attachment for my Kitch aid blender machine I want to use to make veggi steamed rolls and lasagna .My veggibullet makes nice raw ribbons spiralizers and regular and angel hair veggi pasta and it has fry attachments to slice thin shoe string potatoes and a snow cone attachment I have to get for snow cones ! I need to know how I can build up my acid in my stomach because its low and my pH is yet acidity urine and saliva according to pH strips but I plan to get pH water drops in conjunction back to juicing. Need to just be sure of the amount of celery that won’t raise my blood pressure ? Please e mail me back thx medicine!

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